John Willard Photography

Hello and welcome. My name is John Willard and I am presenting to you a collection of photographs that I hope you will find interesting.

Inside you will find landscape photographs, urban photographs, black & white photographs, odd and different photographs. You will be able to purchase signed prints of various sizes. Just click on a gallery you would like to view and then click on a thumbnail picture to see an enlarged version. You will notice "" written in the enlargement; obviously this will not be on the print. I could not make the galleries completely unique, there will be some overlaps. Such as, pictures in Mesa Verde will also show up in Colorado, or Monument Valley photographs will also show up in Arizona, and the most blatant will be the Black & White photographs showing up all over the place.

As for viewing the pictures, I have been to a lot of peoplesí computers during the development of this website and a majority of them look good, but then there are others that are too dark or too light or their lighting environment is harsh. When you receive your print it will not be an exact match to what you see. I use a calibrated monitor so that I get a good match between monitor and print. If you do a lot of art viewing or even gaming you might consider getting a calibration tool for your monitor, it is easy and not terribly expensive. I recommend going to and getting one of their monitor calibration software. This way you will be getting a more accurate look at what the artists and gaming software programmers are trying to present to you.

COPYRIGHT. This should be obvious, but I will talk about anyway. All of these photographs were taken by me and are copyrighted to me. If you would like to use one for something other than hanging on your wall please contact me and I am sure we can come to an amenable agreement.

Thank you for visiting



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